About Us




About Us

Welcome to the all-encompassing Continents Pageantry System. We are excited that you have taken an interest into our Continents Pageant and would like to share the uniqueness of our program.

We host 3 divisions; Miss Teen Continents, Miss Continents, and Mrs Continents that will carry through to an international level as well as 1 national level division; Ms. The areas of competition at a National level are evening gown, Fashion wear, swimsuit and interview.

Our judges search for the girl or woman who holds a dynamic background that leads in community service and self-confidence.

We have incorporated a charity element on a National level in to the competition and contestants will be awarded bonus points as a result of their participation.

Contestants will leave with a range of prizes from our sponsors however we can only crown 3 winners to move forward to represent Australia internationally; Miss Teen Australia Continents, Miss Australia Continents and Mrs Australia Continents as well as 1 Ms Australia Continents!

Throughout the competition we will also be awarding Ancillary awards to contestants and these include but are not limited to *Best in formal wear, Best in Swimwear, Best in Interview, Miss Congeniality and our sponsored Vision Award!

Unlike many other Australian systems our National final is scheduled towards the end of the calendar year.

Our motto is, Be your own kind of beautiful, so take a chance and explore our website. Fill out our application to learn further about how you can join a legacy of strong, confident, and successful young girls and women!




2018 National Titleholders

Miss Teen Australia Continents 2018

Brittnee Sheath

1st Runner Up at Intl Finals

Miss Australia Continents 2018

Gemma White

1st Runner Up at Intl finals

Mrs Australia Continents 2018

Jessica Turunen


Ms Australia Continents 2018

Jasmine Farlow

Junior Miss Australia Continents 2018

Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi

2017 National Titleholders

Miss Teen Australia Continents 2017

Jazmine Alessio

Miss Australia Continents 2017

Jennifer Hunt

Mrs Australia Continents 2017

Sangeetha Singh

2016 National Titleholders

Miss Teen Australia Continents 2016

Maddison Croft

1st Runner up – International Final

Miss Continents Australia 2016

Jasmine Farlow

Mrs Continents Australia 2017

Kim Cancellier

1st Runner up – International Final