Meet the Team

Clarice C Junior Finalist

Clarice C
Junior Finalist
Life Motto: Be Happy & Explore The World With Excitement!
What does being Australian...

Bella B Junior Finalist

Bella B
Junior Finalist
Life Motto: Dream Big, Be happy and be the best you can...

Saloni K Ms Finalist

Saloni K
Ms Finalist
Life motto: Create the highest, grandest vision for your life and believe...

Helena R Miss Teen Finalist

Helena R
Miss Teen Finalist
Life motto: “Never Give up”!
What does being Australian mean to you?:...

Amber D Miss Finalist

Amber D
Miss Finalist
Life Motto: “Always wear your invisible crown”
You should always keep your head...

Monette A Miss Finalist

Monette A
Miss Finalist
Life motto: Life is short, don’t waste time worrying about what people...

Maddy J Miss Finalist

Maddy J
Miss Finalist
Life Motto:
What does being Australian mean to you:

Jessica F Mrs Finalist

Jessica F
Mrs Finalist
Life motto: “Happiness can be found in the darkness of times, if...

Riley-Summer M-C Junior Finalist

Riley-Summer M-C
Junior Finalist
Life Motto: To always be humble and kind.

What does being Australian mean to...

Nishka B Junior Finalist

Nishka B
Junior Finalist
Life motto: Live,Laugh,Love
Live life to the fullest and have no regrets
Laugh in...